Marina One
We executed three main components in this marketing campaign. An interactive touch screen, responsive web page as well as a complete dome video projection for our client M + S.

The interactive media is designed by blanct, for M + S to not only in put forth Marina One to various parties but to also give users comprehensive insights into Marina One. The user interface is both easy to navigate and also one that maintains the overall branding consistency for Marina One.

The design for the layout of the responsive web page runs in tandem with that of the Interactive media, ensuring that user experience is reduced to a minimum when transitioning from it. The overall flow aims to allow users to access information on different aspects of Marina One minimal clicks. Intuitive features from the Interactive media are also integrated into it.

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The team also conceptualized and managed to deliver a complete dome projection video for M + S. A truely immersive experience for both client and visitors to the site. Watch it below.